Yorkshire Brass for Korg Pa Arrangers NEW

Product Description

This is a collection of new 8 new voices for your Korg Pa arranger keyboard.
Sampled to create the sound of a Yorkshire Brass Band, this pack gives you a completely real brass band sound. 

Voice 1. Trombone Vibrato
Voice 2. McCann Cornet
Voice 3. Trombone Straight
Voice 4. Left Hand Band
Voice 5. Velocity Brass
Voice 6. Velocity Band
Voice 7. Blackdyke
Voice 8. The Full Band

Voices 5-6-8 all use velocity switching. Press the key gently to hear a solo instrument, press the note harder to bring in the full brass band sound. Unique to Korg Pa arrangers and a whole lot of fun to create a authentic brass band sound. 

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