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For those of you who own a Yamaha Genos, this pack is the perfect companion. 
Featuring 300 registrations (30 banks of 10) all complete with registration information and improved reverb, EQ and other settings to make your Genos sing. 

Our most popular pack for Genos owners.



Listen to a quick demo here

Registrations include:
1. Anniversary Waltz
2. Arrivederci Rhumba
3. Bare Necessities Swing
4. Christmas Pad
5. Church Service
6. Country Blanket Swing
7. Country Waltz
8. Crazy Ballad
9. David Bowies Major Tom
10. Don't give up Peter Gabriel
11. Driving Home Xmas Swing
12. Georgia Jazz
13. James Last Party
14. Jim Reeves Singalong
15. Johnny Cash's Thing Called Love
16. Johnny Mathis's Xmas
17. Lush Ballad
18. Muppet Waltz
19. Sedakas Calendar Girl
20. Only have eyes swing
21. Rock Ballad
22. Roy Orbison's ballad
23. Seasons in the sun ballad
24. Sing to the latin Sun
25. Supreme Motown
26. Take Five
27. James Last's Van Der Valk
28. Walking Bass Jive
29. Who's Sorry Now Country
30. Etherial Hymn

This is a huge collection of registrations for your Genos. NO expansion manager is required for this software. Simply save to USB and insert into Genos - play immediately.
These are some off the most wonderful registrations we have created thanks to the new sounds in Genos and new styles. 

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