Songbook 2 for Tyros 5

Product Description


This songbook provides you with generic registrations that you can use for a whole 
host of songs. From country and western to swing and pop. There is something in this pack for everyone. Our SPECIAL folder contains registrations that are requested by you, our customer. We asked earlier in the year for musical suggestions and we have put together registrations based on your requests. 
Here is a full breakdown of the pack registrations for you to play and enjoy.

We have produced 8 new folders of registrations for your Tyros 5.
6/8 Ballad (24 New Registrations)
Phantom Ballad, Thornbird Ballad, White Satin

Ballads (32 New Registrations)
Ballads1, KennyG Ballad, Only You Ballad, Rock Ballad

Bossa (16 New Registrations)
Sing to the sun, Windmills

Country (32 New Registrations)
Ballad1, Country Bounce, Kinda Hush, Love Me Tender Ballad

Euro Party (24 New Registrations)
6/8 Ballad, Big 6-8 Ballad, Euro Fox

Pop (8 New Registrations)
Sting Pop

Special (56 New Registrations)
Best Love Ever, Brass Band, Church Service, Irish Dreams, Jim Reeves Waltz, Klaus Latin, Liberace Boogie

Swing (32 New Registrations)
Big Swing, Happy Swing, Medium Swing, Sanfran Swing

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