80's Famous Sax

Product Description

Brand New Sound and Performance Pack.
New sampled voice and registrations. 


The sound of the sax was made famous in the 80's by Kenny G. We are delighted to release our new 80's famous sax pack. Recreate the sound of the 80's sax with our new pack and registrations. For the first time ever, we have created two unique packs, one for Tyros 3 and 4 and one for Tyros 5. Each pack comes with registrations ready for you to play. Simply load the new sampled voice and then call up the registrations.

Contains new sampled sax voice and the following registrations ready to play:
Tyros 5 owners:

  • Ballad
  • Etherial
  • Bossa
  • Dance 
  • Analogue
  • Chillout 

Tyros 3 and 4 owners:

  • Ballad
  • Beguine
  • Bossa
  • Kenny
  • Kennys Ballad
  • Kennys Moods
  • KennysDance
  • Kennys Song

Unique registrations for Tyros 3/4 and Tyros 5 owners.
Tyros 3 and 4 owners will benefit from the use of the full on board sounds and multi pads  with our registrations included with this pack, each one created on Tyros 3 and 4.

Tyros 5 owners will benefit from the use of additional voices and pads from Tyros 5 within our pack. For the first time ever, you can access registrations directly from the expansion button - simply go into 80's Sax folder in your expansion section and call up the registrations from this pack.

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