80's Pop Sounds 1 NEW

Product Description


The music of the 80's is making a huge comeback and the new Genos features a huge selection of styles for 80's music and we thought we would create some authentic sounds of the 80's to accompany the styles on-board. 
21 Stunning lead and pad sounds for anyone who wants to play hits from this golden era. 
Sounds to accompany hits from groups such as Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys and many others. Lots and lots of sounds for a wide range of 80's hits. If you own the Yamaha Synth Expansion pack, these voices will open up a whole new world when used with the styles from his pack. 

The full voice list is as follows: 
1 80's American Pad
2 80's Brother 
4 80's Depeche
5 80's Eurythmix
6 80's Gabriel
7 80's Jon Hates Jazz
8 80's Lead
9 80's Pop Lead
10 80's Saw
11 80's Sharp Lead
12 80's Soft Del
13 80's String 1
14 80's Sweep
15 80's Warm Blip
16 80's Warm String
17 80's Yazhoo Horn
18 80's Big In Japan
19 80's League String
20 80's Solina String
21 80's Harpisynth

If you own a new Genos or Tyros 5, you will have hours of fun playing. 
Download now and start playing or order these voices on USB for delivery by mail. 

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